Hey! I'm Pam and I love to create things for other people - especially from re-purposed wood, when possible. It is truly rewarding to know that others will be blessed by something that I created. I design and hand paint signs made mostly from re-purposed wood, so each one is unique and original.  When I'm not designing, teaching or painting signs, (or helping my husband in our Real Estate business), I love spending time with my family - especially my adorable grandchildren.
Thank you for shopping Handmade AND re-purposed!

I also really enjoy helping others to discover how rewarding and fun it is to create an original sign. That's how Handmade by You was born. My first "customers" were my grandkids. After walking them through painting these masterpieces, and seeing how proud they were, I had an epiphany. I've been to several paint parties over the past few years, but very few of them resulted in a project that I wanted to hang in my home. So, I'm excited to add a branch to my business, to  help others make something that they're proud to hang in their homes or give to loved ones.


(Seriously, could these two be any prouder - or cuter?)