Paint Your Own Spinning Lazy Susan without stencil

Paint Your Own Spinning Lazy Susan without stencil

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This is an approximately 1 in. x 18 in. pine round handmade wooden lazy susan/turntable. The one pictured was made to order in those custom colors, but these can be stained or painted in any solid color or color combo you choose.


You can add a design for an additional $10. If you choose to do so, I suggest you plan to paint the background one solid color, as time will be limited.

The Lazy Susan will have hardware attached to ensure it spins well and remains stable. You will also be given 4 rubber pads to add so that it won't slide or damage your table or counter surface. 

** NOTE: Each piece is unique due to the variations of knots and grain in the wood. Each piece will have character and be uniquely yours! **

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